5 Festivals That Make India a Unique Place to Live In

India is perhaps the only place in the world where you would find at least 13 festivals for 12 months. Festivals and celebrations are our way of life and each one of us take pride in that. Each year these celebration time comes and fills our mind with utmost happiness and also gives us some memories to cherish forever. Here are a few of them discussed below. Have a look and reminisce your old days at home.

Diwali: This is undoubtedly our biggest festival because it is celebrated in all states of India with various names. Lamps, diyas, candles, and electric lights are the elements that are used to decorate home during this festival. The whole family wears new clothes and jewelry and pray to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi for overall prosperity and shower of good luck. As a gift, one can think of fancy lights, firecrackers, and of course sweets.

Raksha Bandhan: There are many old tales related to the significance of a brother-sister relationship. All those stories must have been narrated to you when you were young and all your cousins gathered for celebrating this Raksha Bandhan day. Nowhere else in this whole world a brother-sister relationship is celebrated! And this one things makes it a unique festival. Sisters buy rakhi to tie on the wrist of their brothers and in return brothers bless her and vow to protect her against all odds. Just in case if you sister lives in India you can still send rakhi return gifts for sister in India along with some chocolates and some modern gadget.

Holi: Another important festival that unites our country with a variety of colors is Holi. The evening before Holi, people gather to make bonfire with twigs, waste materials, wood, etc. and enjoy with songs and dance. The next day people smear colors on each other both dry and wet. You can bring thandai and some snacks to treat your guests. Colorful prints of palms on a white t-shirt would be another good gift.

Janmashtami: The scale of celebration of this festival is perhaps less than the other three but in certain places like Vrindavan or wherever there is an ISKCON temple, one can see huge excitement among people. This is the day when Lord Krishna, one of the savior of the world took birth and people gather in temples to sing his songs and have a good time. You can give an idol of lord Krishna to your parents or grandparents on this festival.

Ganesh Chaturthi: In some places, this is celebrated only for a day while in some other places, especially in Maharashtra, this is an 11 day big celebration. Big idols of Lord Ganesha is prepared and worshipped with other cultural activities like singing, dancing, drama, painting, etc. Lord Ganesha is believed to be the God of luck and prosperity and no other puja or work can start in our country without worshipping him. So, his birthday is definitely a big matter for us.

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