Caring Tips helps you keep save your Hearing Aids device

If you are suffering from hearing loss then you have hearing aids. If not then what you are waiting for invest in hearing aids and enjoy life with better hearing. Lots of people using hearing aids but they don’t know how to care it. Here we talk about some care and safety guidelines to make sure your hearing device works best for many upcoming years. If you want to buy new hearing aid equipped with latest and innovative techniques then it is available at and their professional care experts help you at every stage of treatment.

  • Using the device: First of all, turn off your hearing aid before sleep. It helps you to avoid unnecessary battery drain when you are not using or wearing it. If too much moisture builds up inside then it may require a dehumidifier or silica-based drying agent that can be purchased from During the day, if moisture builds up in the inner part of your hearing aids then open its battery door at night and leave that allows internal components to dry. This will extend the life of hearing aids.
  • Keeping it safe: Need to keep your hearing aids away from heat. Avoid to placing it near the radiator, in automobile glove compartment on warm days or in direct sunlight. Don’t use hair dryer while wearing hearing aids. It is also a nice thought to not expose hearing aids into extreme cold. It is very important to know when you wear or remove your hearing aids. Remove it before spray perfume, hair spray, shaving lotions, insect repellant or powders. These items can damage or block the tiny component of hearing aids.

  • When not using it: Handle carefully and when charging the battery of hearing aids, keep it in the soft surface like a towel-draped table, in case it dropped and hit the floor or hard surface, it is a good idea to let your hearing care professional make sure your device is undamaged. Never dip in water or wear during bathing, showering or swimming and protect your hearing aids during rain as well. Don’t lubricate the parts of hearing aids. Remove it when the medical procedure is running because they utilize scanning such as CT scan and in Airport scanner found during check-in, it will damage your hearing aids.
  • Cleaning process: During cleaning your hearing aids, use approved cleaning agents or soft and humid (but not wet) cloth. Don’t use solvents or alcohol in cleaning hearing aids. The soft cloth should clean the receiver dome and receiver tube in your behind the ear style hearing aids. If ear wax builds up on ear dome or ear molds then it is difficult to wipe away. Now look for hearing care practitioner for assistance. Because of so tiny modern hearing aids, it’s advisable to keep it in a small case when remove. This may prevent knocking them to the floor or put something on it. Place your hearing aids from children and pets where they unable to reach.

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